ICM / Week 1 / Computation

The main reason why I wanted to come to ITP is to learn the programming and the design behind data art and visualization. When I was a undergrad, I liked both computer science and graphic design, but I didn’t know back then that you could combine the two so I went down the path of graphic design. My first job out of college was to collect information on bars and restaurants to input into our databases, so we could install postcard racks in those venues for advertising purposes. This job completely turned me off from advertising and marketing, but I learned that I liked sorting and filtering data. And a few years later, I went to the Visualized conference and was blown away by what data scientists at the New York Times were doing with text and information graphics that I wanted to learn how to do that. I’m pretty excited about this class because I want to draw in code and apply these concepts to typography in graphic design and data art. Over the summer, I saw Sol LeWitt’s pieces at the Dia Museum in Beacon, New York and wanted to try drawing his Isometric Projection piece with code or at least to help myself figure out the x, y, width and height coordinates on the canvas for this week’s homework. Below is something that was inspired by Sol Le Witt’s piece.



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