ICM / Week 3 / Repetition with Variation

Worked with Steven Simon on this interactive sketch that implements the concept of repetition with variation and a button. When we collaborated, we worked on our own at first and came together to show each other our ideas. I had the idea of repeating triangles in different colors after being inspired by 10PRINT sketch of randomizing slanted lines.

Steven had this fantastic concept of repeating windows and using the rollover button to make the shade go up and down. With Steven’s sketch, I got a clearer picture on the differences between arrays and objects and learned some techniques he uses for debugging lines. This sketch is also a great base for adding more things, like a little yellow bird flying around (which is TK) using the ‘bouncing ball’ idea and pieces like snow falling to put the wall of windows in the context of seasons and maybe even giving a watcher a peep into what’s in a window.