Understanding Networks / Week 4 / Traceroute

PROJECT: In exploring Traceroute, I choose to look at news/media sites and everyday websites that I frequent from 3 different locations (school, work and home). My main intention was to plot the hops on a map in Illustrator or Processing, but I ended up plotting the points on Google Maps in order to see the paths on a more detailed map that you can zoom in and out of to analyze and see patterns.

NEWS SITES: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian

The New York Times = Blue; The Washington Post = Yellow/Orange; The Guardian = Green



EVERYDAY SITES: Chase, Amazon.com

Traceroute from: Blue = School; Orange = Home; Yellow = Work



As I was gathering the data for this exercise, I was trying to purchase tickets to shows that sold out in second after tickets were released (on Ticketfly) or the site broke down (on Eventbrite), so I did a traceroute on the sites out of curiosity.

SHOWS & TICKETING SITES: Eventbrite, Ticketfly

Eventbrite = Blue; Ticketfly = Yellow/Orange
http://www.ip2location.com/  (*NOTE: this site was able to give me more information when the the yougetsignal.com couldn’t find info on an IP address)

Design for Discomfort: Journey #1

Journey #1: Start from Form
Attending networking events or parties by myself and talking to strangers causes me and lots of other people social anxiety. I wanted to create a journey in the form of a game on a mobile phone to simulate a party, a conference, or networking scenario to help a viewer/participant mentally prepare for the uncomfortable situation. Instead of playing a meditation or mindfulness app to help bring the mind to a calmer state, I’m hoping that a game to play before an event can help the user figure out conversation starters and maybe alleviate their anxiety with repetition of a scenario that could possibly rewire the brain as to not be so anxious.

It’s Open, Come In…
The participant goes through the doors and is given choices:

A. Start Mingling
B. Head for the beverage and snack table
C. Run to the Bathroom
D. Look at phone

If the player starts mingling with the guests, the more conversations he or she has, the more points the player earns. And with each guest that the player converses with, the more personalities (whether outgoing, shy, into science, pop culture, politics, religion, history, etc…) the player is exposed to for conversation starters. Also through these interactions, there will be a ongoing conversation throughout the party about finding the mystery guest who has all the inside knowledge, like which waiter has the good bottle of wine. If the player can find the mystery guest and the waiter with the good wine (recommended by the mystery guest), the player wins the game.

Alt Docs / Assignment 1: Found Object

TITLE: Found Object

DESCRIPTION: Working with a negative sheet as our data set, our story is a live performance of two detectives’ search into the story behind these captured images.

Christina Hall
Anne-Michelle Gallero

1. We were tasked to create a non-fiction narrative about 24 film negatives that were found on the street.
2. After getting them all printed. We took some time to see if we could come up with the story from the negatives.

3. From looking at the photos, we saw that the they were taken on one day at a gathering, possibly a wedding. With this in mind, We decided to tell this one woman’s story since it seems like the camera could have been hers, we call her Andrea:

4. We decided to do a live performance/skit where two detectives are tasked with finding the missing person’s case of Andrea Leandro. She was last scene at this wedding and in the skit we go through the images and slides, and through her life to try to determine what happened to her. We developed her relationships with the individuals in the photos and added some more background information to portray the complete picture of Andrea.

Here are our analysis of the photos and the stories we developed around them.

Here is the script of the detective and how they portray Andrea’s life by trying to figure out what happened to her.

For an interactive component, we handed out this sheet for the viewers to be an active participants in the search for our missing person.