Automating Video / Week 6 / Project 3

For the Automating Video Project Final, I experimented with Videogrep to group videos clips by words and continued with paper collaging to creates clips for a video bot.

Below is a very experimental video combining some techniques that I’ve been playing around with.

CollageRandomV6 from annemgal on Vimeo.


Videos made with Videogrep pulling words like COLOR, ELECTRONIC, TELEVISION using The Story of Television – 1956 RCA Educational Documentary



Magazine Collage with Servo & Microscope Camera

Automating Video / Week 2 / Project 1

For the first Automating Video homework assignment, I used found YouTube clips for the videos. Since I needed to do some research for another ITP project on spray painting and techniques for painting trees, I used “how to” tutorials as source materials for the re-mixed videos.

My first attempt was stacking and concatenating the clips of 6 different YouTube videos:

MovDots from annemgal on Vimeo.

Then I tried to randomizing the clips to see what kind of happy accidents could arise. I tried to add multiple video clips, but I was having problems playing back the output–it wasn’t converting properly to a file that was readable in both Quicktime and VLC. In the video below, I liked how the random clips with the audio created a nice beat.

And finally, here’s a new interpretation of watching a painting tutorial: