Piecing It Together / Week 13 / Final Project

FINAL PROJECT: Mechanical Reproductions



Week 1-2
Week 3

Week 4: Putting the pieces together for the final presentation
1. Painting with matte & metallic acrylic paints


2. Laser cutting last little details


3. Improvising after the laser cutter that you booked for 2 hours is broken and the one working machine is booked for everyone else’s finals and thesis projects. Went to Blick and bought a bunch of wooden dowels and a cutter. Luckily, I had some wood scraps from my mid-term project and some test printed gears, so I was able to scrape together the final details.


4. The moment that it came together, along with an illustration for the inspiration and model.



Figuring out how to make the gears actually work together to create more movement and integrating it with the pipe line.

Nature of Code / Final Project

TITLE: Case by Case

DESCRIPTION: Case by Case, my Nature of Code final project came from the idea to distinguish lowercase letters from uppercase letters for little kids to use. This was inspired by a parent-teacher meeting for my 3-year old. The teacher told me that my child was really good at identifying uppercase letters, but not lower case letters. When we read, we are deciphering many strings of lowercase letters, so I wanted to figure out a fun exercise to help him learn in preparation to learning how to read.

MAIN GOAL: To explore and understand the initial steps of letter and number recognition in a machine learning system using Shiffman’s Neural Network with p5 example of handwritten numbers and applying letters to his sketch.





Continued from last week’s Final Project: Step 1….

1) To distinguish between upper and lowercase letters, I needed to creating the handwritten letter dataset to add to Shiffman’s Neural Network.





NEXT STEPS: To keep exploring this method and eventually build this kid’s app that could not only create testing data from what the child writes, but could also be a fun way for kid’s to practice writing their letters and identifying the letters case by case.