ICM / Week 2 / Variables

For this week’s assignment, I was inspired by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which I watched twice this past week after introducing the movie to my two year old son. This sketch contains an element controlled by the mouse (the Golden Ticket and the color changing background), and an element that changes over time and is independent of the mouse (the changing little circles in the background). What I would like to do to take this further is to decorate it more with the candy trees and oompa loompas. And I would also like to take a complex object, like the everlasting gobstoppers (made up of 4 different colored rectangles) and have those objects multiply and be random in the background instead of the circles. Trying to figure out how to uses arrays and maybe can use that to grab multiple shapes to group them and multiply.


I had a bit of a slow start with my ICM homework assignments the first few weeks, but I’m finding my ways to balance out the workload of all the classes. For last week’s ICM assignment, I started my drawing, but didn’t present it in class since it still needed time and work. Although it looks simple, it took me much longer to do than this week’s freer assignment. I think navigating the space without rulers on the side and figuring out the coordinates with all the little details of connecting each line precisely needed more time. I attempted to draw one of Sol LeWitt’s pieces, called Isometric Projection with code. I like how he takes simple shapes and lines and makes it complex and it took me so long to plot out the diagonal lines on top of the geometric shape and it’s not equality distant from one another on top. After this exercise, I now have a better feel for the x, y, width, height coordinates, which made it much easier for tackling the 2nd assignment. One thing that really saved some time from last week to this week was using variables with all the repeating lines.



AFTER (with use of VARIABLES)