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For this assignment, I wanted to work on a new sketch to implement more data art into my P5.js homework, instead of continuing on previous projects that I’ve done. I recently got a book called Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec for inspiration. The artwork in the book, showcases the year-long, analog data drawing correspondence between the two information designers.


What I originally intended was to make a single clock that bounced around a background partly filled with ‘red hands of a clock’, similar to the spread above from the Dear Data book. I thought that I could use a random command and fade the cluster of red clock hands in and out of view. But since this idea is too challenging for me right now and the fact that I’m really slow in the execution, my sketch has morphed into something more simple, orderly and less exciting.


I did experiment using Example 11-3: Arrays, Not Variables from Getting Started with p5.js with arrays to try and scatter the ‘red clocks hands,’ but I couldn’t figure out how to change the 1 simple shape into the 2 line objects that I made into a function. I also played around with inserting the clock face and hands into the ‘bouncing ball with functions example’ and it turned into a yo-yo with the hands not staying within the circle constraints. This led to an obstacle that I’m now having with my current sketch. The hands have different positions based on the row that they are in, which corresponds to one of three functions that I created. Ideally, I want one point of the hand to move independently around like a clock. and it still needs more work to get the hands to move around and stay within the circle constraint. Since I’m still trying to figure this out, the sketch is pretty static but does have functions. I do plan on continuing this sketch and hopefully get it to my original intention.

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