Data Art / Project #2 / Text & Archives

PROJECT: Aesop’s Fables

CONCEPT: Data Art project using archives from Project Gutenberg and taking the text for Aesop’s Fables to animate the stories and letterforms, while highlighting the fables’ lessons as an art installation for children.


DA_Fables_ProcessingVideo_3 from annemgal on Vimeo.

The rough sketch below shows how I would like to play with the text and illustration to make the story come alive. I would like the text to be more graphic and dynamic. For instance, using the text as paint to break words apart from the sentences and animated the letters so they start falling like rain or scrolling line by line within the space to simulate water or wind. It’s something I need to work on if I continue developing this idea. I also want to take the list of characters (animals, trees, gods & goddesses, etc) and visualize their relationships and the number they appear in each story as another feature to this piece.