Twitter Bot / Wk 4 / Proposal for Final

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for my Twitter Bot Final, but I do know that I want to explore the more visual tweets, like GIFs or an abstraction of an image, like Great Artist (@greatartbot) and soft landscapes (@softlandscapes).

After watching Christoph Niemann story on Netflix’s Abstract, I was thinking that my final project bot could be an art task reminder, to give an art exercise of the day, similar to Art Assignment Bot (@artassignbot). However in the tweeted instructions, I would have the bot pick a random everyday object, like “banana” or “coffee” for a person to use in their art exercise.


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I’m also curious about viewing specific moments through hashtags and understanding how to use the Twitter APIs after seeing Thomas Dworzak, a Magnum photojournalist’s ‘instagram book collection‘ at the International Center of Photography’s Perpetual Revolution: The Image and Social Change exhibit. Dworzak explored hashtags on instagram to capture his screen shots of the hashtag and created a series of books documenting that moment. Seeing and hearing the thought process behind this art piece, makes think about how we get so many different perspectives of a moment through social media and photos and how can we push the awareness further.

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