ICM / Week 10 / Final Proposal: The Protest Time Machine

In wake of the 2016 election results and all the protesting, hate crimes and uncertainty going on around the country, I wanted to take a look at the songs from the past that were written in response to the helplessness of an event with a call for action. I have a selection of iconic protest/political songs that range from anti-war sentiment to a woman’s demand for dignity to a southern man’s response to a song written about his role in slavery and racism. There is even a song that was partially influenced by a 1979 nuclear reactor accident in Pennsylvania that expresses the fear of nuclear war, zombie invasions and food shortages. What I would like to do is to revisit these songs and allow the user to access the history behind them while visualizing the lyrics in p5. I would also try to design a version for a mobile device as well. The act of listening to these songs and understanding it’s intent is a reminder or an introduction of where we’ve been and what is still relevant now.